SQ14: Decision Making Tree

Through all the different assignments we’ve done this semester, I feel like an overlapping theme has been decision making. With the podcasts we have to choose which path to take in talking about the game, with home-tasking we have to decide on an interesting but yet doable task, etc. The constraints of “normal” writing have been uplifted in a sense and we’ve really gotten the chance to let our mind and decisions run loose. In games and in writing, we’re constantly faced with important decisions that may shape the future of our experience, and in this side quest I’ve attempted to pick apart that decision making process (mine, at least). Our decision making may sometimes seem irrational on the surface, but I believe it’s always rooted by some combination of rational thoughts. I thought the most picturesque way to express this was through a tree of thoughts buried underground, and only one decision, the product of these thoughts, rising to the surface. Please excuse my mediocre drawing of a flower, and I hope you enjoy/relate to the tree!

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