SQ14: Decision Making Tree

Through all the different assignments we’ve done this semester, I feel like an overlapping theme has been decision making. With the podcasts we have to choose which path to take in talking about the game, with home-tasking we have to decide on an interesting but yet doable task, etc. The constraints of “normal” writing haveContinue reading “SQ14: Decision Making Tree”

The Lion King: Quarantine Edition

When I first saw this side quest, I was sitting in bed next to my quarantine best friend: my life sized bear toy. I was instantly inspired to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in film history. I hope all of you recognize the scene and enjoy watching my rendition of it. Here’s myContinue reading “The Lion King: Quarantine Edition”

Chess Podcast Reflection

I, along with Will and Sadie, recently completed a podcast analyzing Chess (https://eng101s20.davidmorgen.org/ready-set-game/chess-the-game-of-strategy/). The conception of this podcast was rather unorthodox given the circumstances. Usually, podcasts are recorded with everyone sitting around one microphone, but that setup would have required an extreme violation of social distancing. Instead, each person recorded their own lines alone, andContinue reading “Chess Podcast Reflection”

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