A Very Impressive Train

As you can see, I 3D printed the locomotive piece from monopoly. I’ve always loved monopoly, and when I was looking through the linked game pieces I picked the train because I found it to be the most intricate. In a way, I wanted to test the 3d printing center and see how accurate their printing of such a small train would be. I didn’t have much trouble getting it printed; I just gave them the file and let them work their magic. Quite frankly, I find 3D printing really interesting and wish I was more involved in the process. The only issue I ran into was being too low on Eagle Dollars when they asked me to pay. I spent 5 embarrassing minutes of silence at the woman’s register before I finally figured out how to replenish my balance. They printed the piece with more detail than I had expected, so this side quest was a success.

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