Never Felt More Betrayed

For someone who doesn’t play board games often, this was easily the most complicated board game I’ve ever played. In my opinion, the game was not so friendly to new users. The hardest part for me was trying to understand the overall objective of the game, and what the goal of moving my player around the board was. First of all, I essentially picked my character randomly because I had no idea how much each attribute mattered. I ended up choosing the character with the most knowledge, hoping this would somehow be important later (sadly it wasn’t. at all.) I had to engage in probing in attempt to understand how the game worked and what was important. Why do I want to open further rooms, and what significance, other than potentially improving my attributes, do the cards have? Do I want to stay relatively close to the spot we started at, or is it smarter to get as far away as possible? I knew it wasn’t just me because the people I was playing with seemed to be missing a sense of direction as well.

This board game forced us to make a few strategic decisions, but, for me at least, most of those decisions felt random since I didn’t really know how the game worked too well. I felt that it was pretty linear in the sense that we just wanted to get to the haunt, and there wasn’t any other way to end the game. Also, I felt like the haunt took an unnecessarily long time to start. But, when it started, the game started to all make a little more sense. I didn’t feel like there was much telescoping in the game because it was filled short-term objectives, and no long-term objectives. This was probably due to me being a new player to the game though. Once the haunt started we all had to rush to the pentagram chamber, and I realized that I was at a huge disadvantage since I drifted far from the beginning of the game. Once we began battling in the pentagram chamber, the game was left up to the luck of dice rolls. The haunt was the most fun part of the game for me since I love intensity. Until then though, the game just felt like it was lagging along, and I wasn’t having that much fun. Overall though, I enjoyed the experience of playing such an intricate game; it was very interesting to me, a person who’s used to playing simpler games. Congratulations to the legend and winner of our game, Michael Mariam.

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