You’re Just a Voice

The keys to creating a combination of pictures like this are shape and color alignment. When brainstorming about potential combinations, I realized I’d just need to think of two things which are shaped similarly, and also have the same color. But, after a few minutes of deliberation, I realized this is much easier said than done. After pushing my weak creative mind for a while, I realized that humans and microphones share both of the attributes I was looking for, and the combination could convey an interesting message. Firstly, we’re working with podcasts in class and I thought this could maybe be some sort of cover picture for our site (like below our title or something). Also, I think this picture represents the fact that everyone in our society shapes it by speaking their mind/thoughts. In this day and age, one of the biggest influences on people’s thoughts is the news. Whether it’s on television or in the newspaper, people listen to other’s thoughts to help craft their own. Our society, at the end of the day, especially as a democracy, is governed by people’s thoughts and “voices.”

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