Eve is Always Listening

In my opinion, this was definitely one of the harder side quests so far. I found the last one easier because we had access to whatever objects/pictures we wanted, since images on the internet are essentially unlimited. This time we were limited to our own personal inventory. I don’t know if I’m not creative orContinue reading “Eve is Always Listening”

You’re Just a Voice

The keys to creating a combination of pictures like this are shape and color alignment. When brainstorming about potential combinations, I realized I’d just need to think of two things which are shaped similarly, and also have the same color. But, after a few minutes of deliberation, I realized this is much easier said thanContinue reading “You’re Just a Voice”

Gone Home: The Start

I began playing Gone Home addressing this assignment. Gone Home begins with a very slow and ominous introduction. It’s interesting how it doesn’t begin with any imagery like a usual game, and just jumps into some random dialogue. It then proceeds to show a black elongated title and setting screen to hold suspense. It’s alsoContinue reading “Gone Home: The Start”

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