Avatar: Basketball

My avatar is a New York Knicks basketball logo. If you’re interested in the logo, I got it from a case that TeePublic sells at https://www.teepublic.com/phone-case/3523675-nyk. Growing up, my favorite sport was always basketball. I always found it the most entertaining sport to watch and play. I played travel basketball for my town up until freshman year, when I decided that the time commitment wasn’t worth anymore. Even though I don’t play on an official team anymore, I still play with friends in my free time and follow the Knicks closely. I’m interested in statistics and coding well, so I love analyzing NBA statistics through small coding projects to find interesting trends in teams, players, or even seasons. There are so many different statistics in basketball to study, so I never find myself running out of ideas for analyzation. If you are interested in analyzing the NBA quantitatively like me, I recommend you check out some of the articles on https://fivethirtyeight.com/tag/basketball/.

I grew up in New Jersey, but since I lived about 15 minutes from New York City, I always very connected with New York’s culture and sports. I was constantly in NYC with my family and friends just because you can always find something new to do there. But, through it all, I never enjoyed anything more than going to Knicks games with my dad. Seeing the superstars who I saw on TV every night right in front of me was just surreal. I’ve been to other NBA arenas, but, in my opinion, the environment at Madison Square Garden the best in the NBA. New York fans love their team like no other fans, so the arena is constantly filled with unparalleled energy. Even thought the Knicks aren’t playing too well these days, I can guarantee that you’ll still find the arena filled with die-hard fans.

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